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Marketing Quickfire Challenge - Awesome Brainstorming Format

Marketing Quickfire Challenge - Awesome Brainstorming Format

Yesterday's Marketing residency featured a quickfire marketing memo.  It's amazing how much a focused team can get done in a short time!  Teams of five or six were given a client name this past month and asked to prepare a memo individually that contains an analysis of the client's market space and a list of questions for the client.  During quickfire challenge day, the team came together for 1.5h to create a client meeting agenda and structure the questions.  Then each team had one-hour to spend with the client.    One hour is not very much time to understand enough of the business to make marketing suggestions, so the hour went by very quickly.

After a short break, the team had 2.5h to discuss and generate a memo of marketing recommendations for the client.  At 4pm the bell rang and the memo was sent to the client.

The day was extremely efficient and went by very quickly.  Since everyone spent individual time getting up to speed with the client, the joint discussion was very efficient.  All in all, the quickfire format was an awesome way to brainstorm and create results in a day.

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